Las Cancelas

Our Restaurant Charter

Our Restaurant Charter
A few entrees to share

Chacinas de la Sierra de Gredos and Guijuelo:
Acorn-fed Iberian ham reserve
Source of Iberian assortments
Acorn-fed Iberian loin
Cured sheep cheese from the fields of Castilla
Our duck foie (micuit) with green tomato and apple chutney
Boletus Edulis from the pine forests of the Sierra de Gredos mixed with eggs
Croquettes of the house of ham of the Serranía de Ávila and boiled egg
Crunchy black pudding and pine nuts on a bed of applesauce compote
Grilled octopus on revolconas potatoes with vegetables sautéed al dente
Beef gizzards guisailles with paprika from La Vera to the aroma of Jerez
Warm squid with sweet and sour onions of balsamic vinegar with tender shoots, endives and cherry tomatoes
Our sardines from the house with a soft traditional pickle or smoked toast

Salads of ...

Salad of goat cheese Monte Enebro and fresh marinated, tomato confit with raspberry sauce with green pepper
Traditional Mixed Salad
Salad of marinated boletus and scallops on jungle arugula and hazelnut vinaigrette

Tablespoons of tradition ...

Mix of seasonal vegetables with slices of ham serrano
Castilian soup. The typical garlic soup, with pieces of ham and poached egg
Beans from Barco de Ávila cooked with sausage and ear of the gorrino
Potatoes revolconas with torreznos, crushed with smoked paprika from Candeleda

The freshest of the sea

Hake of the Cantabrian in green sauce with clams or cider
Fried hake cheeks, Roman or in green sauce
Roasted turbot over candied potato and Galician sauce
Cod Pill - Pill, confit in virgin olive oil and a touch of garlic in slices
Cook baked cod with tomato sauce and other vegetables

Of the pastures, farms and preserves of Ávila

Grilled veal steak from Ávila with classic garnish
Roast piglet in the classic style baked patient
Grilled lamb chops with classic garnish
Leg or shoulder of suckling lamb roasted in the traditional way with bakery potatoes
Beef sirloin of Ávila grilled with classic garnish
Grilled Avilanian beef entrecote with classic garnish
Partridge stewed or in old pickle according to tradition, the holy canons and the fashions of always
Iberian pork tenderloin with rum sauce and walnuts or with mustard sauce and onion marmalade
Oxtail stewed with red wine in the bullfighting style with gratin from the Moraña potatoes
Duck magret with Ribera reduction and pumpkin compote

... A sweet memory

Seasonal fruit salad with orange cream
Homemade egg flan
Black chocolate coulant with raspberry ice cream
Grandma's fried milk
Mouse of figs from Valle del Tietar with chocolate sauce
Creamy Irish coffee
Coconut mouse with mango sorbet
Lemon Sorbet with Cava
Baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream
Frozen cake with whiskey

And our gourmet ice cream:

- Cream with caramelized nuts
- Old-fashioned chocolate
- Nougat
- Vanilla
- Yogurt with berries
- Mascarpone cheese
- Cherries

Sr. Ricardo
Manager & CEO